Resilience Scale

Choose which of these statements with which you Agree or Disagree. Be Honest about how you are most often.  Awareness is the "win". 

Should take < 2 minutes.
Smith, B. W., et al (2008)
I tend to bounce back quickly after hard times. *

I have a hard time making it through stressful events. *

It does not take me long to recover from a stressful event. *

It is hard for me to snap back when something bad happens. *

I usually come through difficult times with little trouble. *

I tend to take a long time to get over set-backs in my life. *

Your BRS total score is: {{var_score}} divide by 6 to get your Average.

 The mean in most studies is about 3.6 with SD of about 0.7.  Those striving to be Bulletproof should be at least one SD above the mean, so > 4.3. 

Look for an email with further information about your score and the research behind this assessment.

Consult your Biohacker Technician if you would like to improve your score.  
There is a hack for that!
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