Happiness Assessment

For each of the following statements and/or questions, please select the point on the scale that you feel is most appropriate in describing you right now.  Be honest about how things are actually going rather than how you might wish them to be.   

Should take < 2 minutes.
Lyubomirsky, S., & Leeper, H. (1999)
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Your Happiness Assessment total score is: {{var_score}} divide by 4 to get your Average.

 The mean in most studies is about 4.9 with SD of about 1.  Those striving to be Bulletproof should be at least one SDs above the mean, so > 5.9. 

Look for an email with further information about your score and the research behind this assessment.

Consult your Biohacker Technician if you would like to improve your score.  
There is a hack for that!
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